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At Bluauto, we don’t just sell cars but help our customers keep their car’s running for longer. We offer a wide range of repairs and servicing in the area suitable for any make and model of car, van or light commercial vehicle.

Brake repairs

Your brakes are essential part to keeping you safe whilst you drive, not to mention others on the roads. If they start to show signs of wear and tear, it’s really important that you get them checked out and parts replaced when needed. Changing brake pads and discs is easy to do and doesn’t cost a fortune and can make a real difference to your vehicle’s safety. Without getting these vital parts repaired or replaced when needed, it can result in an MOT fail. So, ensure you get your brakes checked out on a regular basis. We’ll happily take a look and inspect your brakes if you’re worried about their efficiency and performance.

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Car batteries

If you have a failing battery or are having issues, bring your vehicle in today for a quick health check. We’ll test the battery, replace it quickly if required and let you be on your way in no time. Our team at Bluauto know each car like the back of their hand, so it takes just a few minutes to make sure your battery is back on track.

Exhaust repairs and replacements

Your exhaust is subject to a lot of daily wear and tear. If it doesn’t have enough time for the moisture to heat and evaporate, such as on shorter distances, it can cause corrosion, rusting and even the exhaust to drop from your car. Underperforming exhaust systems can result in reduced efficiency, higher fuel costs and can lead to other major problems with your car. If you visit us at Bluauto, we can check your system for any damage and ensure the system is working as it should. We’ll test it and repair parts of replace them dependent on the damage.

Bluauto New tyres to suit your budget

We can help you at Bluauto if you need new tyres for your vehicle. Tyre tread that becomes lower than 1.6mm can cause your car to fail its MOT. When this happens, you’ll need replacement tyres for your vehicle. If you’ve suffered a puncture or need new tyres for whatever reason, we have a wide range of tyres that we can supply to ensure you get good quality tyres that are suited to your car. We can supply a wide range of branded, premium, mid-range and budget tyres to suit you.

Bluauto Courtesy Cars

If your car needs repairs and you’re in need of a vehicle, we can provide a courtesy car so you can go about your normal activities. Courtesy cars are available on request, so please let us know so we can guarantee you a car and help you out when you’re booking.

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